The Party Committee of the People 's Republic of China shall issue a notice of the award - winning activities of the enterprise
The company won the national "Ankang Cup" competition winning units

Latest News

Yunnan will build 105 characteristic towns
China's first housing urban and rural construction industry practitioners supervision system in Beijing on-line
The Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation: construction industry value-added tax project pre-levy rate of 2%
Chairman of the official investigation of shantytowns in Beijing
China Construction 12 times by the central business executives operating performance assessment A level
The central requirements to comprehensively promote the strict management of the party to nail the spirit of continuous rectific
Liu Yunshan attends the party's mass line education practice activities Central tour supervision team work summary meeting
Historic buildings, parks banned private clubs
Xi Jinping in Fujian: people safe and warm away from the heart
The General Office of the CPC Central Committee issued "on the deepening of the" four winds "to rectify and consolidate and expa
Zhao Leji: strict supervision to ensure that a high quality of democratic life will be out
Xu Fushun to the old areas of Jiangxi Province to study the central enterprises accurate poverty alleviation and industrial coop


System Solution—Distributed Energy Construction

Business areas

Carbon Capture
Mercury Removal
VOC Treatment
Seawater Desulfurization
Ammonia Flue Gas Desulfurization
High Efficiency Dust-mist Removal System

Technology dynamics

South China won the Guangdong Provincial BIM Application Competition third prize
South China company e-commerce center project won the 2016 "Guangdong Province Construction Engineering Quality Structure Award"
A company / Xiamen Branch Hengfeng Guiyang Center project invited "China Pump Wang" to send technology
A company won the "Guizhou Province Enterprise Technology Center" title

State - owned assets

Xiao Yaqing, Xu Fushun attended the central enterprises to boost the "good new Hainan" construction forum
Central Enterprise System (in Beijing) elected to attend the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China on behalf o
The new government held a press conference on the economic operation of the central enterprises in the first half of 2017
The SASAC held a training center for the central enterprises and local SASAC to meet the party's victory ceremony in good condit


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